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Toddler Snow Boots Snow Boots or Winter Boots? Toddler Snow Boots Guide

Toddler Snow Boots toddler snow bootsToddler Snow Bootstoddler snow boots

Toddler Snow Boots

Are you about to purchase your first set of toddler snow boots? If so, we believe that the information you are about to read will help you in choosing the appropriate set of winter boots for your toddler or young child. The first factor to consider is the actual climate and weather conditions your toddler will be living in. If you live in a very cold, snowy climate such as Alaska, Minnesota or other northern states, you may want to research the manufacturer’s technical specifications regarding the temperature ratings of any winter boots that you are considering for your toddler. Many well made toddler snow boots are simply not designed for extended wear in severe climates and parents living in such areas should exercise caution when selecting a set of boots for their toddler. 


Some features to look for when selecting a set of kids snow boots are the fastening system and the actual material the boot uppers are made from. There are various types of fastening systems to include velcro-based, loop and button, zipper and drawstring arrangements. Remember that the fastening system on any pair of winter boots will have to work well when it is covered with snow and ice and some systems are simply easier to use when they have been subjected to these types of cold weather conditions. You also want to ensure that the fastening system you choose is appropriate for the type of activity your toddler will be doing; sitting on a snowmobile or sled doesn’t put the same stresses on a fastening system as does extended walks through deep snow or icy slush. Choosing the wrong fastening system could enable boots to fall off your toddler’s feet or allow snow and water to enter the boot itself. 


Special attention should be paid to the type of material the uppers are made from. Winter boots with waterproof uppers are a necessity in some climates or for some activities and you should reflect on this prior to making your purchase. Many, but not all toddler snow boots are insulated, and you should consider the need for this protection against frostbite and other cold weather injuries that could affect your child’s feet.  


Additionally, you should look at the sole of the boots and consider whether or not the style of tread will help your toddler walk and run safely and with as much traction as possible on snow and icy surfaces. This is a critical element to consider when purchasing a set of toddler snow boots and failure to do so may result in injury to your child simply because the boots were “too slippery” for the conditions they were being worn in. 


You should also bring your toddler with you when selecting a set of winter boots. Ensure that he or she is wearing the same type of socks that will be worn when playing outside wearing the boots. Parents often put thicker socks on their children when they go out to play in cold conditions and often the thickness of the socks renders the boots too small for their toddler’s feet. This can lead to injury and can also negate the insulating effects of even the highest quality snow boots. Your toddler’s feet grow quickly, so it’s best to factor this in and perhaps buy a larger size to allow for growth and ensure that the boots are usable for an entire winter season. Kids snow boots come in many fashionable styles and colors and are made by most of the major snow boot manufacturers. A good set of boots will come with a warranty and in most cases, will be serviceable long after your toddler outgrows them. Obviously, your child will need other winter clothing, such as snowsuits, snow pant, snow jackets, ski bibs, a pair of warm winter gloves or mittens and of course, a nice winter hat or beanie to top off his or her winter wardrobe!


We hope this information has been educational and will enhance your search for a great pair of toddler snow boots!